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THE RITUAL: 7PM is the new 5PM


Starting from May 28th, Terrazza Gallia kicks off its summer season with “THE RITUAL: 7PM is the new 5PM”.

Terrazza Gallia reinvents the iconic Milanese aperitivo through a reinterpretation of time, drawing inspiration from the famous British tea-time tradition of the 5 o'clock pause, where everything stops for a moment of personal indulgence. THE RITUAL, a new one crafted by Terrazza Gallia, features the distinctive use of teapots to serve innovative and refined cocktails, providing a unique visual and gustatory experience. Curated by our expert mixologists, these cocktails combine high-quality ingredients with tea-inspired infusions and aromas, ensuring a range of surprising and memorable flavors.
To further enrich the experience, the culinary offerings from the Lebano brothers, featuring a special menu centered around the sea and their Mediterranean origins, complement the breathtaking city views and the engaging live music with DJ sets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

For info & reservations: +39 02 67853514 



The most iconic stories of Milan's skyline and its authentic buildings return to Terrazza Gallia, paired with three different sparkling wine producers.

Three unique evenings will bring the world of wine to the heart of Milan through collaborations with three selected wine producers, narrated by Paolo Porfidio, Head Sommelier of Terrazza Gallia:

  • May 8th: Maison Pommery
  • May 15th: Monsupello
  • May 22nd: BiancaVigna 

Tastings of 3wines and finger food paired by Executive Chefs Antonio and Vincenzo Lebano - 38 € per person

Meanwhile, Danilo Dagradi, founder of Milano da Vedere, will narrate the wonders of the city of Milan.

For info & reservations: ||  +39 02 6785 3514



Experience the art of wine tasting like never before and immerse yourself in a sensory journey guided by our expert sommeliers, in an elegant and captivating setting.

The morning session starts at 10.30 AM and the afternoon one at 5.00 PM. You can choose between:

  • Franciacorta Experience - 1h - 80 € per person
  • Franciacorta Experience - 1h30min - 90 € per person
  • Wine Tasting Experience - 1h30min - 100 € per person
  • Wine Cellar Rental: 250 €

Contact us to reserve at: or +390267853514



Unleash your inner mixologist with our captivating cocktail masterclass.

Join our skilled bartenders as they take you on a journey through the art of cocktail creation. Learn the secrets behind crafting exquisite libations, from classic recipes to innovative twists. 

A 90 min class at the Gallia Lounge & Bar starting at 5 pm for a group of 4 till 8 people. 

  • 60 € per person
  • 7 days advance reservation is required
  • Contact us to reserve at: or +39 0267853521 
Dinner Tasting


An ever-evolving cuisine the one of the brothers Vincenzo and Antonio Lebano, Executive Chefs of Terrazza Gallia.

If you are a group of up to 10 people, indulge in an exclusive Dinner Tasting, bookable every evening starting at 7.30 PM at the Private Dining Room, located on the 7th floor in the Terrazza Gallia Restaurant. You can choose between:

  • 4-course "Beyond the Sea" menu - 120 € with wine pairing 70 € per person
  • 5-course "Mediterranean" menu - 150 € with wine pairing 90 € per person

Private Dining Room rental: 400 €

7 days advance reservation is required

Contact us to reserve at: or +390267853514



Ever dreamed of bringing your Italian cooking skills to the next level?

Whether perfecting a Milanese risotto or prepping a tagliatelle Bolognese, elevate your culinary prowess under the guidance of our award-winning Chefs Lebano. You can choose between:

  • The Great Classics: Veal with tuna sauce, Risotto Milanese style & Tiramisù
  • The Exceptionals: Paccheri pasta "Da Vittorio style", Milanese veal cutlet, sbrisolona cake  

The morning session starts at 10.30 AM; the Afternoon one at 5.00 PM
120 € per person
Wine Cellar Rental: 250 €

7 days advance reservation is required

Contact us to reserve at: or +390267853514